In fact he said "Here the artistic past of Italy still penetrates our whole existence, because we live in the middle of works of art… my archaism, my Etruscans… there is no need to offer much of an explanation. My inner self was born here, in this region, and that is what my grandparents were. It is a culture that even today emerges from the soil and nourishes the people that still live there. I feel I am closely tied to my part of the world, to this popular feeling, that is in fact so archaic, alive and intelligent. It is in my blood, I cannot shake it off."

These Etruscan origins can be found in "People", his sculpture in terracotta of 1929, which he presented at the second exhibition of the Italian twentieth century and was a real revelation for the critics. "People" portrays a couple of peasants from the Maremma and recalls the sarcophagus of the married couple of Cerveteri; it is Marino's first example of portraiture, one of his best-loved subjects; his penetrating and somewhat enigmatic portraits resemble the faces carved by the Etruscans that are both classical in composition and extremely modern in expression. 

His marked Etruscan and Tuscan origins however did not stop him from being interested in the artistic movements of the 20th century; he started travelling when still very young "so as to absorb the atmosphere and experiences of other countries" and he continued to do so throughout his life. Marino in fact believed that "every artist has his intuitions and follows his personal hypersensitivity. I have always felt I had to move northwards; I feel that the north is a positive point for me, because, as I am completely southern by nature and permeated with Italian values, I need a contrast, which is the north, the north, out of contrast, gives you your value and your colour."

Meanwhile his constant travelling gave him the chance to get in touch with some of the greatest artists of his time, encounters that allowed him to enjoy a deep exchange of ideas and experiences that were to contribute towards enriching his inner life and his art.